The Chum Buster by Mangrove Marine Products is yet another awesome marine product for fishermen who love to chum up the BIG GAME in your local waters.  A 5lb box of frozen sardines slips inside the Chum Buster, allowing you or your mate to perfectly and quickly slice through the sardines to make FAST 1 inch chunks for rigging on a hook and amping up the potential for STRIKE!

The ChumBuster

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    The Chum Buster!  A featured new product from Mangrove Marine,  that allows you to cut your dead baits into increments of 1" or more, in no time,  by using your favorite knife or one of ours.  

    With the Chum Buster you can cut baits fast, efficient and consistently.  

    When on the run, or on the hook,  place the Chum Buster in the cooler to keep’em cold and ready,  or you can leave em out to get the stink on!
    The ChumBuster, like all of Mangrove Marine's other quality products,  are built tough, and done right!  

    We produce a line of functional marine products that make your Boating, Fishing or Diving experience a safer and more and enjoyable one.    

    While the Chum Buster was made for a box of sardines,  like we use here on the west coast of Florida, it can be used with any standard sized box of frozen baits.  
    The Chum Buster helps you cut chunks of bait safer than a cutting board,  and holds them for use on a hook or while chumming.  
    Our product is easy to use:
    Just remove the sardines or frozen baits from any packaging,  and place the whole block,  or as many as you choose,  into The ChumBuster slot.  Slip your knife between the slots starting from the top like a bagel cutter, cutting the sardines at 1" or more increments.  The end result is a box of chunk bait or chummers.  
    Whether you are snapper fishing in Florida or fishing for tuna off of the New England coast, the Chum Buster will be there waiting for the next time you need a quick and efficient way to prep your baits.  
    Buy Mangrove Marine!
    Quality Done Right!
    After all who among us does not LOVE new and innovative products? 
    The ChumBuster also makes a perfect gift for anyone, anytime! Birthday's or Christmas, the fisherman or fisherwoman in your life,  will certainly love it.



    The ChumBuster is durable and crafted with the finest attention to detail.  Built to Last!

    Buy Mangrove Marine Quality.  Done Right!


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