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About Us

Since 1995 Mangrove Marine has been an originator and innovator of high quality marine products to the OEM market as well as direct to consumers.  

branded-mangrovemarine.jpgMangrove Marine is owned and operated by Michael Irvin, a lifetime marine sportsman, who grew up fishing on Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico,  as well as spending many hours honing his skills as an expert wind surfer, boatsman and diver.  His meticulous attention to the finest details of marine fabrications has earned his parent company, M.I. Productions, as well as Mangrove Marine,  a reputable following by quality boat manufacturers across the southeast US.  These boat manufacturers also appreciate and demand superior quality, and they find it consistently in the products supplied from Mangrove Marine. 

Family Values

Michael is a family man, with a devoted wife and two strapping teenage boys who are also well equipped to hit the waves in any number of salt water sports activities.  

Obsessive Demand for Precision Quality

What sets Michael apart from ordinary fabricators is his almost obsessive demand for precision and design in the products that he crafts.  His extensive experience with fabrication was born out of an inherent need to emulate the quality workmanship that he observed in his father, a mechanical engineer, whose career was heralded with many awards and notable recognition.  

Innovators in the Marine Industry 

Being one of the leading suppliers to some of most notable marine manufacturer brands,  you probably have one of our Mangrove Marine products on your boat and didn’t even realize it.
While the manufacturers label may adorn the side of your boat,  its highly likely that some piece of fiberglass or plastic was manufactured by Mangrove Marine right here in the heart of Tampa Bay.  
Most of our OEM customers have paid us to develop or prototype something for them or used us to fabricate one of their items.  That being said,  we’ve come up with some great products that we continue to get royalties on, and other items that have gone to high production facilities.   
Because we are active fisherman, divers and hunters, we've  also improved upon some of the existing products on the market today.  Why? Because we love the outdoors and we want to share that passion for quality marine products that make the activities that we enjoy, the best they can be.
Leisure time as active fishermen, divers and hunters is part of the American Dream. So why not enjoy high quality marine grade products that make our sports lifestyles more functional and convenient.
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In addition to enhancing your marine life, Mangrove Marine also makes great gifts for your favorite fisherman, diver or hunter.

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