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  • This dock cutting board by Mangrove Marine is a take off from the Yeti Top Bait Station cutting boards but mounted to your dock pole.   It is cantilevered which means it extends horizontally and is supported at only one end, so you're saving space on the dock walkway.  No legs to take up space on your dock.   Better than aluminum. The Mangrove Marine Dock Cutting Table  is made of King Starboard which means its UV stable, weather resistant and will keep all the slimy sticky mess of scales and guts right out where your fish cleaning operation is efficient and can be easily washed with a hose after you're done.   The Mangrove Marine cutting board will be available in a variety of sizes.

    Dock Fillet Table

    Mangrove Marine Products has rolled out yet another innovative new marine product for boating, diving & fishing enthusiasts.  This weather resistant dock cutting board or cutting table for processing & filleting your catch keeps the fishy...
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