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Are you a saltwater or freshwater fisherman?

Then you might have a need for the quality products we create to make your time on the water more enjoyable.

Our featured products are meticulously manufactured with marine grade materials for long term enjoyment.   

Check our new premium products coming soon for not only the boating hobbyist or professional but also fishing, diving and other marine sports.

  • The Chum Buster by Mangrove Marine Products is yet another awesome marine product for fishermen who love to chum up the BIG GAME in your local waters.  A 5lb box of frozen sardines slips inside the Chum Buster, allowing you or your mate to perfectly and quickly slice through the sardines to make FAST 1 inch chunks for rigging on a hook and amping up the potential for STRIKE!

    The ChumBuster

    The Chum Buster!  A featured new product from Mangrove Marine,  that allows you to cut your dead baits into increments of 1" or more, in no time,  by using your favorite knife or one of ours.   With the Chum Buster you can cut baits...
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  • INTRODUCING MANGROVE MARINE'S PREMIUM QUALITY TURNKEY "FIT AND GO" DELUXE COOLER TOP BAIT STATION FOR ANY SIZE OF YETI TUNDRA SERIES COOLERS.  AVAILABLE IN THESE QUART SIZES (35,45,50,65,75,105,110,125,160,250,420) YOUR MARINE GRADE CUTTING BOARD FEATURES SUPER EASY "FIT AND GO" INSTALLATION.  NO HOLES TO DRILL!  Top View for Mangrove Marine's Top Bait Station for any size of your Yeti Tundra Cooler.   Our Deluxe Top Bait Station features extras like universal cup holders, measuring tape in back to measure your fish for limit sizes, and plier / knife holder with full length sheath.  Select from the Deluxe or Standard model

    YETI Tundra DELUXE Cooler Top Bait Station

    Depending which Quart Size Fits, if 45 Qt: Introducing Mangrove Marine's premium quality Turnkey "Fit and Go" Deluxe Cooler Top Bait Station for any size of Yeti Tundra Series Coolers.   Our Deluxe Top Bait Station includes extra features...
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