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Welcome to Mangrove Marine Products.  Let Mangrove Marine organize your boat with high quality marine products like dive racks, speargun racks, Yeti cutting boards, dive flags, tow sleds and more. 

  • Mangrove Marine Hard Dive Flag Mangrove Marine Hard Dive Flag

    Hard Dive Flag

    "This flag always flies straight out regardless of wind condition"!     Mangrove Marine offers a great new idea, a LEGAL HARD DIVE FLAG  (made from Starboard brand Color Core)    A Hard Dive Flag with a limited life time...
    MSRP: $119.95
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  • Mangrove Marine Fiberglass Helm Bos or upper steering helm station.  Also known as an Upper control station.   Aluminum  not included Mangrove Helm Box, TCS 25, Upper Control Station

    Helm Box or Tower Control Station

    In 1996 Mangrove Marine designed, developed and manufactured the Mangrove Marine Helm Box or also referred to as the Tower Control Station for an existing aluminum fabricator customer looking for a high quality upper control station.  We...
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  • Roll Control Adjustable Tank Holder (or Bracket).   Purchase one or purchase up to 5 for a 48" aluminum track. Aluminum Track Sold Separately.   This photo is to illustrate how the Roll Control Adjustable Tank Holder slides onto the track.

    Roll Control Adjustable Tank Holder

    The Roll Control Adjustable Tank Holders (or Brackets) work in unison with the Roll Control Aluminum Track product. When you mount the Aluminum Track on any flat surface, you can adjust our Roll Control Adjustable Tank Holders to fit almost...
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  • Mount the Roll Control aluminum track on any flat surface.  Adjust the Roll Control Tank Holders (Brackets) [Sold Separately] to fit almost any diameter scuba tank.   Easily slide up to 5 adjustable brackets in the 48" track and you're ready to start loading tanks.   Track also available in 24".  Use the track in your truck for transport of scuba diving tanks to your dive shop for refill.

    Roll Control Aluminum Track

    The Roll Control Aluminum Track (for use with Roll Control Adjustable Tank Holders or Brackets) is available in both 48" and 24" lengths.    Mangrove Marine will add additional length options in the near future.  This dive tank accessory...
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  • Protect your scuba diving equipment and protect yourself from liability of boat passengers getting hurt by securing tanks and other gear with this 4 tank square rack.   Expansion is available with our roll control mounts.  Tanks and dive flag for visual reference only.   Not included in purchase of 3 tank corner rack. Top View of  4 Dive Tank Rack - Square.   Dive Flag sold separately.   Tanks are for visual reference only.  Not included in purchase.

    Square Tank Rack - Expandable

    Introducing Mangrove Marine's Square Style Scuba Diving Tank Rack in a 4 tank expandable configuration.    Our Square Tank Rack holds 4 tanks, masks, lion fish pole spears, stringers, knives, pliers and lion fish shears...
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  • The Chum Buster by Mangrove Marine Products is yet another awesome marine product for fishermen who love to chum up the BIG GAME in your local waters.  A 5lb box of frozen sardines slips inside the Chum Buster, allowing you or your mate to perfectly and quickly slice through the sardines to make FAST 1 inch chunks for rigging on a hook and amping up the potential for STRIKE!

    The ChumBuster

    The Chum Buster!  A featured new product from Mangrove Marine,  that allows you to cut your dead baits into increments of 1" or more, in no time,  by using your favorite knife or one of ours.   With the Chum Buster you can cut baits...
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  • Check out the  Dive Ray from Mangrove Marine Products.  Free Shipping is now offered through the end of 2020.  We create diving innovations for free form divers and scuba divers.  This meticulous product has all kinds of hand holds for one hand, two hands, and helps you to guide your flow as you review the lobster fields.   Get one today.   The Mangrove Marine Dive Sled makes a great gift for guys, girls and all those in your party needing to navigate up to the surface and down to the lobsters and shells or for other endeavors such as spear fishing.   Your boat or jet ski pulls you along as you navigate below the surface of the water for whatever you're looking for.

    The Dive Ray ( Tow Sleds )

    THE DIVE RAY (Tow Sled) Makes a GREAT GIFT QUANTITIES IN STOCK NOW!  DEALER INQUIRIES ARE WELCOME! The Dive Ray is built with premium 1/2" marine grade high-density polyethylene (Starboard Brand) by Mangrove Marine. It's a premium diving accessory...
    MSRP: $119.95
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  • INTRODUCING MANGROVE MARINE'S PREMIUM QUALITY TURNKEY "FIT AND GO" DELUXE COOLER TOP BAIT STATION FOR ANY SIZE OF YETI TUNDRA SERIES COOLERS.  AVAILABLE IN THESE QUART SIZES (35,45,50,65,75,105,110,125,160,250,420) YOUR MARINE GRADE CUTTING BOARD FEATURES SUPER EASY "FIT AND GO" INSTALLATION.  NO HOLES TO DRILL!  Top View for Mangrove Marine's Top Bait Station for any size of your Yeti Tundra Cooler.   Our Deluxe Top Bait Station features extras like universal cup holders, measuring tape in back to measure your fish for limit sizes, and plier / knife holder with full length sheath.  Select from the Deluxe or Standard model

    YETI Tundra DELUXE Cooler Top Bait Station

    Depending which Quart Size Fits, if 45 Qt: Introducing Mangrove Marine's premium quality Turnkey "Fit and Go" Deluxe Cooler Top Bait Station for any size of Yeti Tundra Series Coolers.   Our Deluxe Top Bait Station includes extra features...
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